Property & Development 21 March 2024

3 ways a Coulter Legal property lawyer can help you deal with the title to your property

Most Certificates of Title in Victoria have now been converted from paper to electronic and therefore can only be dealt with by a Property Exchange Australia (Pexa) subscriber, such as Coulter Legal.

Here are 3 examples of where Coulter Legal can assist:

  1. Discharge of Mortgagepaying off the loan does not, in itself, result in the mortgage being removed from title and the title being released from the lender. Coulter Legal can assist with attending to these steps in finalising your mortgage;
  2. Removal of Caveat – including where the Caveator cannot be located or no longer exists; and
  3. Lost Title Application – where the paper title has not yet been converted to electronic form but cannot be located.

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Amanda Durinck.
Amanda Durinck Senior Associate Property & Development View profile
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