News 06 January 2020

Bushfire Appeal

Like all Australians, we have watched as our beautiful country burns, and our thoughts have been with those affected.

Over recent days, we have seen the mood of Australians shift towards hope and community, as people provide support for one another across the country.

It is difficult to know what to do or how to help, so we have provided a list of some of the organisations our people will be supporting over the coming days and weeks:

The Victorian Bushfire Appeal is now active and all money raised will go towards the recovery effort:

The Australian Red Cross:

Assisting with animals in Victoria is the RSPCA:…/helping-animals-affected-by-bush…
and in NSW is WIRES:

SANE Australia have a Help Centre staffed by qualified mental health professionals who provide support, information and ideas about where you can go for more help:

As the bushfire season is far from over, Coulter Legal will provide support to our people who require time away from work for volunteering or fundraising efforts throughout the bushfire season.

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