Business Licensing and Permits

If you are setting up, buying or selling a business, you need to consider what permits, licences and registrations you require.

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Who are the regulatory bodies you need to contact?

How do you apply and ensure your business is compliant?

To ensure your business is able to lawfully operate, you must have valid and appropriate permits, licences and registrations.

At Coulter Legal, we have business legal experts to ease you through each process, help you liaise with relevant authorities and make sure your business is compliant.

What permits or licences do I need?

The specific registrations, licences and permits depend on the type of business you operate.  Some common examples of licences and registrations that businesses require are set out below.  These are just a few of the many boxes you might need to tick in order to trade legally.

1. Liquor Licences

When operating a restaurant or café, a liquor licence is essential if you want to serve alcohol.  There are different liquor licences available to suit your business needs.

Liquor licences can also be an important factor when it comes to retail and commercial leases.  It is important that you get the correct advice from the outset to ensure your business is compliant.

2. Food Premises Registration

Did you know there are four different classifications of food businesses and that some of these require a business to have a food safety program and food safety supervisor?  For the viability of your business it is important that you have the correct registration, taking into consideration the services you wish to offer now and in the future.

3. Business Name Registration

The name by which you trade is a crucial part of any business, meaning it is important that you register your business name.   This will allow you to trade under it, meaning you can start to build your business and brand’s reputation.  Further, unless your trading name is your personal name, company name, or the name of all partners in a partnership, you are legally required to register your business name.

We can provide you with advice about your obligation to register your business or trading name.   For more information on business name registration, see our Corporate Services page.

4. Registration of Trade marks

Whilst not required by law, registration of trade marks provides protection to your brand. We can assist you with the trade mark registration process and undertake searches to ensure your proposed logo or branding does not infringe other registered trade marks.

For further information in relation to trade marks and protection of intellectual property, see our Intellectual Property page.

What advice do I need?

When opening a new business or buying an existing one, it is important you have the right advice to know the registrations and licences required.

Failure to apply for the appropriate licences and permits promptly can result in delays in opening and operating your business or may incur penalties. For example, trading under an incorrect or invalid Liquor Licence can have severe repercussions. Food premises are highly regulated and need to meet specific standards and undergo health inspections upon transfer or sale, or when alterations are made.

Registering a business name is required by law (unless you fall within one of the exceptions).  Registration of business names and trade marks is also about protecting your trading name and the brand of your business.

Regardless of the business you are establishing it is important to seek professional legal help to ensure that you have all the correct permits, licences and registrations in place.  This will give you, and your business, the best chance at success.

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