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Maximise the opportunity to gain or add value to your business through contestable purchasing processes.

Whether you are acquiring goods or services, or offering to provide them to a purchaser, navigating your way through the procurement process requires careful planning and execution. Successful procurement outcomes require strategic direction, commercial acumen and attention to detail. It is imperative that the rules of the game are clearly understood.

Tendering processes can be complex and finding the right balance between transferring and managing risk requires the ability to see the macro and the micro picture concurrently.

At Coulter Legal, our experts are experienced in all forms of tendering processes from complex, large scale public infrastructure projects to simple acquisition of goods and services. Our experts can help you with understanding tender requirements, implementing policy requirements and document preparation, from both the buyer and the seller’s perspective, whether through open tendering or sole source negotiation. We understand the various purchasing models and how to identify and address the risks and issues that matter.

Coulter Legal can guide you through the tendering process and assist in ensuring that your organisation maximises the opportunity to capture, or deliver value.

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