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If you require legal advice regarding a family and relationship law matter, we understand that this can be a daunting and emotionally challenging time. To help you through the process, it is important to have a team that understands the complex nature of family and relationship law and can assist you to establish a strong legal position.

At Coulter Legal, our dedicated team of lawyers take a professional, strategic, yet empathetic approach to resolving family and relationship law matters without the need for costly and lengthy litigation, if possible, by first adopting conciliatory methods, such as negotiation and mediation.

Family & Relationship Law Expertise

Our team of lawyers can assist you with a range of complex matters including separation and divorce, property settlement, parenting arrangements, child support, intervention orders, children’s court applications, spousal maintenance and family bankruptcy.  They will help you carefully consider your position and explain how the decisions that you make today may impact upon your financial and emotional circumstances into the future. With a number of Accredited Specialists, you will be allocated to the lawyer within the team who is the best fit for the individual circumstances of your matter.

Court Guidance

Where agreement cannot be reached without resorting to litigation, our team has a thorough knowledge of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia process and rules, as well as the Children’s Court of Victoria and the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. Attending court can be a confronting experience for our clients, but our team will be there to guide you and support you before, during and after any court events.

Open Communication

Our team is committed to communicating with you regularly to ensure that you remain in control of your circumstances and know how your matter is progressing. We maintain that communication is essential in assisting to reduce unnecessary stress. Our approach is personalised to each client and we provide advice that is clear and easy to understand.

No-cost Consultation with a Family Law Solicitor

We offer a no-cost 30 minute initial consultation to enable you to discuss your situation with an experienced family and relationship lawyer. The initial consultation provides an opportunity to gain an informed understanding of your matter and the necessary steps to achieve a resolution as swiftly and inexpensively as possible.

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Cindy KeayCindy Keay
07:44 12 Jul 24
I would highly recommend Satbir & Stacey at Coulter Legal, they were very kind & caring nothing was to much trouble they made such a difficult time in my life easier by taking control of everything.
Mark AllenMark Allen
10:35 03 Jul 24
Coulter Legal come with the highest recommendation from my recent experiences. Professional, compassionate and available anytime for anything I needed. Lawyer Satbir Singh is someone you would always want in your corner a true professional!
Walter PelacciaWalter Pelaccia
12:58 01 Jul 24
Samaritan House Geelong would like to thank Melaine Hudson and Rachelle Eytan of Coulter Legal for providing help and guidance on a conveyancing matter. A wonderful outcome for supporting our vision that "No person needs to sleep rough in the Geelong Region".
Greg PetersGreg Peters
05:35 28 Jun 24
Satbir and Cooper have been fantastic to deal with. They have made the whole process seamless. Also offered a very supportive space. I couldn’t recommend a better suited team.
Bree ChisholmBree Chisholm
00:34 12 Jun 24
Satbir showed a deep understanding of my personal situation and demonstrated empathy throughout the legal process. He answered all my questions with great clarity and patience. Satbir kept me informed every step of the way which gave me great peace of mind and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.Thankyou sincerely Satbir, you are a unique champion lawyer and adviser.
Rach PriceRach Price
21:50 05 Jun 24
The team at Coulter Legal (especially Satbir) were outstanding in managing my separation. Satbir’s communication was clear and concise and his guidance through the process was truly appreciated.
Kevala ButtonshawKevala Buttonshaw
23:49 30 May 24
Satbir Singh handled my case with kindness, patience and compassion. Thank you for helping me through a really tough time.
Bobby HoBobby Ho
07:10 27 May 24
I engaged Lauren to prepare my first Will and Powers of Attorney and expected it to be a daunting exercise. However, with Lauren's guidance, the process was streamline and efficient. She was attentive to my numerous queries and kept me informed at every step.
Viv StrettonViv Stretton
02:11 07 May 24
I am grateful for the assistance I have been provided by James Maxwell and the team supporting him. My queries and concerns were heard and responded to in a prompt, caring and professional manner. I am very satisfied with the outcome of what was a long, drawn out and at times stressful process, and felt I was supported and advised in a knowledgeable and ethical manner.I highly recommend James and the team at Coulter Legal.
Kim HitchensKim Hitchens
23:24 05 Apr 24
Satbir is an exceptional lawyer and human being. He is able to skillfully navigate family law matters in a pragmatic way that always honors the unique needs of the children and families he represents. I can't speak highly enough of Satbir. I will be forever grateful for the positive child focused outcomes he has achieved and the compassionate way he conducts himself.
Andy JCAndy JC
01:49 30 Mar 24
Very helpful team. Stored my land title for over 40 years safe and sound, easy to deal with for release when property was sold.
Laura MLaura M
03:44 20 Mar 24
Satbir was excellent very understanding and knowledgable during a tough time
Heather EnnorHeather Ennor
01:51 20 Mar 24
Extremely Happy with the professionalism and dedication I received from Satbir Singh in relation to the situation I found myself in.His expertise and advice has been greatly appreciated.I would strongly recommend him and his firm.Feeing very relievedHeather Ennor
Dominic LuddyDominic Luddy
02:28 17 Mar 24
Satbir has been a great ally in what has been a very protracted experience to settle parenting and financial matters during separation. He has gone above and beyond for me on several occasions, making sure everything has been as smooth as possible, and important to note in legal circles, I’ve always felt that the fees have been very reasonably applied - which did not appear to be the case for my partner’s legal representative.
Nicole LeeNicole Lee
05:44 07 Mar 24
Satbir is a wonderful family lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has gone above and beyond for me, making sure everything has been as smooth as possible.
Tony HorshamTony Horsham
12:44 13 Feb 24
Satbir from Coulter Roach was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. He worked very hard to achieve a favorable outcome. I would recommend Satbir to anyone who is looking for these qualities in a solicitor.
Carli HesterCarli Hester
20:38 09 Feb 24
From my very first meeting with Satbir, it was evident that he approached his work with genuine care and empathy. Satbir took the time to listen to my concerns and understand the complexities of my situation, providing guidance and reassurance every step of the way.Satbir navigated the legal aspects of my separation with diligence and proficiency, ensuring that my rights were protected and that I understood the implications of every decision we made.What truly set Satbir apart was his kindness and compassion. He provided not only legal counsel but also emotional support, offering a listening ear and words of encouragement when I needed them most.Thanks to his guidance, I was able to navigate the challenges of my separation with greater ease and confidence. He helped me find clarity in a time of confusion and provided me with the strength to move forward toward a brighter future.I would not hesitate to recommend Satbir to anyone in need of legal assistance, knowing that they will receive not only top-notch legal representation but also the compassionate support they deserve.
Mark HockeyMark Hockey
23:59 08 Feb 24
Satbir is highly recommended, personable and understands the importance of meaningful legal direction. He capably reads the room and does all and sundry for the best outcome for his client. He certainly shows compassion. He is a wealth of knowledge and represents Coulter Legal with integrity and respect.
Michelle PantelicMichelle Pantelic
06:46 08 Feb 24
Highly recommend Satbir Singh from Coulter Legal. He helped me through my legal separation and made the process as stress free as possible
Meredith HamblinMeredith Hamblin
04:35 08 Feb 24
Excellent, caring staff. Thank you for the support and assisting in my property settlement. Highly recommend Coulter Legal.

Key matters we can advise you on

When a relationship ends, there are important issues that need to be considered and dealt with appropriately in order to secure your future. We understand that legal matters may not be at the forefront of your mind and may not feel like a priority at the time of separation.  However engaging a family lawyer to assist you with the many issues which may arise as a consequence of separation are crucial .

Separation occurs when one party to a marriage or a de facto relationship communicates to the other party that they no longer wish to continue the relationship.  There is no requirement to register a separation, however it is important to note the date that separation occurs, as this is when the time limit to commence a formal Court application for the division of assets will begin. Find out more

In order to make an application for divorce in Australia, you must be separated from your spouse for a period of 12 months and 1 day.  The family law team at Coulter Legal have put together a comprehensive guide to divorce law in Australia.  Coulter Legal offers a no-obligation online divorce tool for standard Divorce applications. Once completed, you will be fully supported from start to finish by one of our experienced family lawyers. Find out more

While a relationship breakdown may carry an immense emotional burden on the parties involved, the children of the relationship are also likely be affected by separation.  It is critical that at the time of separation, proper arrangements are made for any children of the relationship.

Some important things to consider are who the child will live with, how much time the child will spend with the parent they are not living with , whether you or your former partner will make an application for Child Support and how a property settlement should be structured to meet the financial needs of the children and their primary carer.

If you and your former partner are unable to agree about parenting matters independently, you should obtain legal advice.  At Coulter Legal, we work hard to resolve parenting matters without resorting to litigation, which can be costly and can obstruct the ability to co-parent effectively. Find out more

If there are children of the relationship, you or your former partner may be required to pay Child Support following separation.  In Australia, Child Support is administered by the Child support Agency.  You or your former spouse can make an application to the Child support Agency for a Child Support Assessment.

The law around Child support is complex.  Should you require advice with respect to Child Support it is advisable to obtain legal advice.

The rate of Child Support that is assessed is calculated using a formula which takes into consideration each person’s income, the age of the child and the number of nights that a child is in each parent’s care. Find out more

Often, when a parent or family member is notified that that a child or relative is subject to a report or investigation by DFFH, this can be a difficult and confronting experience.  Children’s Court matters may intersect with Family Law proceedings, and Coulter Legal possess experienced lawyers who are capable of providing guidance and representation. Find out more

Following separation, the division of the property of a marriage, de facto or same sex relationship is a  concern to both parties.  You and your former partner may be able to reach agreement about the division of property between you without the assistance of lawyers.  In most cases, however, it will be necessary for the agreement that is reached to be legally documented by way of Consent Order which is an order made by a court or a Financial Agreement.

If you and your former partner are unable to reach agreement as to the division of the property of your relationship, the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court have the power to make Orders regarding property division.  It is a common misconception that assets will be divided 50/50 between parties. The Court is required to consider a range of factors in deciding the terms of a property division, including the financial and non-financial contributions of each party before, during and after the relationship.  The Court will also consider future needs of both parties such as income earning capacity and care of any child of the relationship.

In any property settlement it is important to consider superannuation entitlements, as such entitlements form part of the property pool that is available for division between the parties through what is referred to as a “superannuation split”. Find out more

Following separation, you or your former spouse may seek a payment of spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance is separate to the requirement to pay Child Support. The Court has the power to make orders with respect to spousal maintenance. There are three types of spousal maintenance, being urgent spousal maintenance, interim spousal maintenance, and lump sum spousal maintenance.

Before making an order for spousal maintenance, the court will consider whether the person applying for spousal maintenance has a genuine need for maintenance, whether they are unable to meet that need themselves without reliance on an income tested pension, and whether their former spouse has the capacity to pay them maintenance, after meeting all of their own reasonable living expenses. Find out more

Our family law team specialises in assisting individuals to obtain immediate protection by obtaining a Family Violence Intervention Order, for family violence committed by a family member. Find out more

Often once lawyers are engaged in a family law matter, resolving parenting matters and the division of the property of your relationship amicably may seems difficult. However, alternative dispute resolution and mediation may assist the parties to reach agreement and avoid costly and lengthy litigation.

Many consequences arise and impact on an outcome in a family law property settlement and/or family law property proceeding if a person to a marriage or de facto relationship is declared bankrupt. Find out more

Family law matters concerning international elements are becoming increasingly common.  Our lawyers at Coulter Legal are able to provide expert and strategic advice to client’s about their rights in Australia and overseas. Find out more

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