News 23 March 2022

Introduction of comprehensive Parental Leave Program

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a comprehensive Parental Leave Program, which provides for 18 weeks paid parental leave, regardless of gender, as well as paid leave to attend postnatal appointments in the first 12 months on return from parental leave, paid leave for fertility treatment, paid leave for pregnancy loss, superannuation entitlements accrued on unpaid parental leave for up to 12 months and staggered budgets on return from parental leave.

The Parental Leave Program is designed to support working parents, aligning with Coulter Legal’s long term focus as an employer of choice.

As a firm which has 80% women in our team, including 60% representation of women on our leadership team, what we see as a generous Parental Leave Program has been considered as integral to our culture for a period of time, culminating in the introduction of our Parental Leave Program.  The past two years have been challenging for many of us and it is our vision that the introduction of the Program would provide a positive start to 2022.

With our Head Office based in Geelong, and offices in Melbourne, on the Bellarine and the Surf Coast, Coulter Legal has experienced positive growth over recent years and is looking to the future to continue to develop a culture that is supportive and inclusive of all people.

“I am extremely proud to lead an innovative leadership team attuned to the needs of those we employ.  I am also proud of our culture which is supportive, encouraging and inclusive.  Our Parental Leave Program is indicative of our commitment to ensuring that our team feel valued”, says Managing Principal, Anne O’Loughlin.

As one of the first people to be accessing the policy, lawyer Kayla Kennedy says “Coulter Legal’s new Parental Leave Program gives me confidence as an expectant mother to be able to bond with my child without the life pressures of having to return to work before I feel I am ready.

I was amazed at the firm’s commitment to pay its employees superannuation on unpaid parental leave up to 12 months. This commitment makes me proud to be part of a firm that understands the importance of superannuation and that it should not be impacted based on the decision to raise a family.”

Senior Lawyer, Alastair Noakes, says “the new program recognises that there is more to parental leave then simply being away from the office, and reflects a progressive understanding of the needs of parents in the first few months of their child’s life. The considerations for the ongoing commitments for the care of children in the first 12 months, as well as for the difficulties involved with IVF or the loss of a pregnancy, are invaluable to me as a working parent.

As a non-primary parent this policy represents a much greater opportunity for me to assist my partner, as well as develop a bond with my child. I’m proud to be working with a firm that demonstrates a modern and realistic understanding of the needs of parents and children, as well as being compassionate and flexible enough to enact such a policy.”

We are all incredibly proud to support this extensive program and we are delighted to be able to share this exciting news.

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