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Conveyancing 21 November 2017

Leaders of the Pack: Coulter Legal leans in

By 1 December 2017, all caveats will have moved online in Victoria. More than ready for this transition is Coulter Legal, with close to 1,000 caveats in its pocket.

To top it off, proving the firm’s commitment to a digital conveyancing future, Coulter Legal completed Victoria’s first online survivorship in under ten minutes.

Victoria’s confidence in e-Conveyancing has resulted in a steady increase in the number of companies adopting to the online technology. In August alone, there were 2,433 caveats lodged online – translating to a stunning 93 per cent growth compared to the same time last year.

Local leaders in innovation

As one of the practices leading the charge, Geelong-based Coulter Legal, has lodged and withdrawn an impressive 854 plus caveats. So, it’s no surprise they’re well prepared for the fast-approaching transition date.

Tom White, Managing Principal at Coulter Legal, says it’s a no-brainer: “The Land Registrar’s timeline for e-Conveyancing is a reality the industry must be ready to meet.”

But while the deadline is a motivating factor, White suggests the company has always been quick to embrace innovation. “We’re always striving to be digitally proactive, streamlining our services and creating a better client experience. The recent addition of survivorships to the platform’s functionality is just another layer to our service. We were delighted to be the first firm in Victoria to use the upgrade. It’s important for us to be industry leaders and new technologies are a major part of our success.”

Early adopter

Coulter Legal was one of the very first law practices to use PEXA, after an initial trial in 2015. “We quickly realised that the efficiency benefits for our clients were enormous. PEXA helps us to deliver exceptional client service and protect our clients’ most valuable assets.”

Subscribing to PEXA helps the law practice deliver accurate, timely and client-focused solutions.

“PEXA smooths the conveyancing process for the client and enables us to settle matters quickly.”

That’s not the only benefit. “With PEXA, we are also able to lodge caveats immediately, reducing the risks associated with manual lodging.”

Industry best practice

“The advantages of e-Conveyancing are numerous for practitioners and clients,” White says. He urges all Victorian law practices get their business ready “to ensure they’re delivering the best possible service to their clients”.

The team at Coulter Legal is confident about the future.

“December 1 will create industry consistency, we’ve been proactive, and as a result we’ll be able to provide consistent and uninterrupted service to our clients.”

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