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Craft Your Legacy with Confidence – Wills & Estate Planning at Coulter Legal

Life’s journey is filled with uncertainties, but you can secure the future you envision for your loved ones. At Coulter Legal, we believe everyone deserves a clear and comprehensive estate plan, regardless of age or assets.

Don’t leave your legacy to chance. A legally binding Will ensures your wishes are respected, and your assets are distributed as you intend. Our experienced Wills & Estate Planning lawyers will guide you through every step, crafting a personalised plan that brings you peace of mind.

Why Choose Coulter Legal?

  • Local expertise – Meet our expert lawyers at our Torquay or Barwon Heads office. Enjoy the convenience of our local office for face-to-face meetings and document signing, with no compromise on expertise.
  • Clarity & expertise – We translate complex legal concepts into clear, actionable steps you can understand.
  • Transparent fees – No hidden costs, just upfront pricing so you can plan with confidence.
  • Impeccable service – Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care and support throughout the process.
  • Peace of mind – Knowing your legacy is secure allows you to focus on what matters most – living life to the fullest.

Contact Coulter Legal today and embark on crafting a future that reflects your values and intentions. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.


What is the process?

  1. At Coulter Legal, we value your time. To expedite the process and ensure a personalised experience, we’ll invite you to complete our secure online induction at your convenience. This information will allow us to tailor our services to your specific needs and goals.

  2. Meet with a Wills and Estate Planning lawyer, to develop a legal strategy that effectively addresses your situation and achieves your desired results.

  3. You will receive a pricing proposal, with three options for you to choose from.

  4. Choose an option that best suits you and we will send you our cost agreement and payment details.

  5. We will prepare your documents and provide them to you for review.

  6. If you choose an option to amend or discuss your documents, we will collaborate accordingly.

  7. We offer a variety of ways for you to securely sign your documents. In-person signing – Schedule a convenient appointment to sign your documents at our Torquay, Barwon Heads or Geelong office. Virtual signing – Sign electronically during a virtual meeting. Postal signing – We can mail your documents with clear instructions.

  8. Your estate planning is complete!

Contact one of our Surfcoast Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers

We provide price certainty

Unwavering Transparency – Know Your Costs Upfront

At Coulter Legal, we believe in price certainty. This means the price you see in our proposal is exactly what you’ll pay – no hidden fees, no surprises.

Before we even discuss pricing, we’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, priorities, and desired level of involvement. This ensures our proposal reflects your specific needs and budget.

Choose with Confidence, we offer three distinct options:

Base – A streamlined plan for those with straightforward needs.
Standard – Coverage for most situations.
Comprehensive – A detailed plan addressing complex scenarios.

Select the option that best suits you, and we’ll handle the rest. If you decide not to proceed, there’s no obligation and no cost at this point. We won’t begin work until you have selected your plan.

Peace of Mind with Every Step. Knowing your costs upfront allows you to focus on what matters most – securing your legacy and providing for your loved ones.

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I am grateful for the assistance I have been provided by James Maxwell and the team supporting him. My queries and concerns were heard and responded to in a prompt, caring and professional manner. I am very satisfied with the outcome of what was a long, drawn out and at times stressful process, and felt I was supported and advised in a knowledgeable and ethical manner.I highly recommend James and the team at Coulter Legal.
Satbir is an exceptional lawyer and human being. He is able to skillfully navigate family law matters in a pragmatic way that always honors the unique needs of the children and families he represents. I can't speak highly enough of Satbir. I will be forever grateful for the positive child focused outcomes he has achieved and the compassionate way he conducts himself.
Extremely Happy with the professionalism and dedication I received from Satbir Singh in relation to the situation I found myself in.His expertise and advice has been greatly appreciated.I would strongly recommend him and his firm.Feeing very relievedHeather Ennor
Satbir has been a great ally in what has been a very protracted experience to settle parenting and financial matters during separation. He has gone above and beyond for me on several occasions, making sure everything has been as smooth as possible, and important to note in legal circles, I’ve always felt that the fees have been very reasonably applied - which did not appear to be the case for my partner’s legal representative.
From my very first meeting with Satbir, it was evident that he approached his work with genuine care and empathy. Satbir took the time to listen to my concerns and understand the complexities of my situation, providing guidance and reassurance every step of the way.Satbir navigated the legal aspects of my separation with diligence and proficiency, ensuring that my rights were protected and that I understood the implications of every decision we made.What truly set Satbir apart was his kindness and compassion. He provided not only legal counsel but also emotional support, offering a listening ear and words of encouragement when I needed them most.Thanks to his guidance, I was able to navigate the challenges of my separation with greater ease and confidence. He helped me find clarity in a time of confusion and provided me with the strength to move forward toward a brighter future.I would not hesitate to recommend Satbir to anyone in need of legal assistance, knowing that they will receive not only top-notch legal representation but also the compassionate support they deserve.
Satbir is highly recommended, personable and understands the importance of meaningful legal direction. He capably reads the room and does all and sundry for the best outcome for his client. He certainly shows compassion. He is a wealth of knowledge and represents Coulter Legal with integrity and respect.
I can't thank my lawyers enough for their exceptional support during my separation process (Special thanks to Skye Wylde, Julia Walker, Tori Jaques and their teams).Their guidance was invaluable, turning what could have been a daunting experience into a surprisingly seamless journey. Their timely advice not only made the decision-making process practical but also ensured that I felt supported every step of the way. I highly recommend their services for anyone navigating the complexities of separation. A heartfelt thanks to the entire team for their professionalism and compassion.
Exceptional Divorce Attorney - Diligent, Professional, and TrustworthyI recently had the privilege of working with Laura Villemagne‑Sánchez for my divorce proceedings, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her outstanding legal expertise and unwavering support throughout the entire process.From my first consultation to the final resolution, lLaura Villemagne‑Sánchez exhibited a level of diligence and professionalism that truly set her apart. She navigated me through the complexities of the legal system with expertise, ensuring that every detail was meticulously addressed.One of the most commendable aspects of Laura Villemagne‑Sánchez's approach was her commitment to transparency and honesty. She consistently kept me informed about the progress of my case, explaining legal nuances in a way that was easy to understand. This level of communication not only provided me with peace of mind but also demonstrated her dedication to client well-being.What truly stood out was Laura Villemagne‑Sánchez's ability to make me feel at ease during a challenging time. Divorce can be emotionally taxing, but her empathetic and reassuring demeanor made the process more manageable. I always felt that I could trust her guidance, and her integrity was evident in every interaction.In addition to her legal acumen, Laura Villemagne‑Sánchez was prompt in responding to my inquiries and addressing any concerns.In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Laura Villemagne‑Sánchez to anyone in need of a divorce attorney. Her diligence, professionalism, honesty, and the ability to instill trust make her an invaluable legal partner. Thank you, Laura Villemagne‑Sánchez for guiding me through this challenging chapter with grace and expertise.
Cannot express how grateful my partner and I are for the help from Coulter Legal and professionalism when dealing with our matter!Special shout-out to Laura Villemagne-Sánchez who got us to an incredible result which we did not even imagine reaching!! :DHighly recommend Laura and her team who proved to have been very knowledgeable and great to deal with throughout the entire process (she's a bloody legend of a woman too)!
Priya Silwaraju was recommended to us as an outstanding Wills and Probate lawyer. We had what a SC referred to as one of the most complex cases he had come across, requiring a level of expertise and inquiry transcending most cases. Priya not only achieved for us an absolutely excellent outcome, but provided much needed reassurance throughout the process as we were dealing with unfamiliar territory. Her consistent and clear explanation of every step of the process and clear advice kept us continually abreast of everything going on. We also benefitted from her incorporation of advice from senior counsel and barristers specialising in specific areas of law. Her warm and personable manner never faltered and it was this human element that made the entire process so much easier for us. Priya’s exceptional knowledge of the law was also paired with her ability to juggle multiple perspectives and approaches in order to achieve the best outcome. We were able to rest easy in the knowledge that she would go above and beyond for us, which she did numerous times. We are so grateful for not only her expertise and our ability to rely on this but also for her integrity and warmth. Thank you Priya, for navigating us through one of the most stressful times of our lives and for the exceptional result you achieved for us. We are so grateful.
Friendly, efficient service and valuable advice - particularly impressed with great Zoom meetings
Laura Villemagne-Sánchez and Coulter Legal handled my matter with the utmost professionalism and gained me the best outcome I could hope for.Through out the process I was confident in my representation as Laura was very patient, friendly, thorough and understanding of my situation.As well as being kept up to date regularly, any questions I had were explained and simplified.I cannot recommend Laura and her team at Coulter Legal enough.Thank you for your support and due diligence
The team at Coulter Rouche, most particularly Asha was nothing but commendable. Professional, responsive and dedicated. We experienced an authentic care and focus that we are confident made our settlement a success. Hats off.... Thanks somuch.

What should I turn my mind to when thinking about my Will?

The Executor of your Will is responsible for administering your estate and following your Will. You can appoint up to four Executors at any one time, and can also include substitutes, in case an Executor is incapable of acting. It helps to appoint people you trust who have a good understanding of your affairs and your values.

Your “estate” is basically your assets, less any liabilities you leave. While you are legally obliged to provide for particular persons in your life (i.e. your spouse and children), you can distribute your estate as you see fit. If we foresee any risks with your wishes, we will let you know. It is also worthwhile giving consideration to where your “bits and pieces” will go and whether you want any charities or causes to receive anything from your estate.

Once you have decided who you wish to benefit, you should also think about how you want your estate to pass. For example, if beneficiaries are quite young, who looks after their share during that time? Do you want to ensure your children’s share is protected if they become exposed to asset risk? If leaving a share to a charity, do you want to direct how the charity uses the funds? We can walk you through your options if you want to include a little more structure around how your beneficiaries receive their share.

You can provide direction about the guardianship of your young children in your Will, including who you would prefer look after them and your wishes more generally (i.e. what school they attend). If you have a number of wishes in this regard, you might like to collate them in a document that sits alongside your Will, which you can update more regularly.

Your Will can also help your loved ones when it comes time to make decisions about your funeral and how your body is dealt with after your death, including whether your organs are to be donated and your preferences to be buried or cremated. It always helps to discuss these matters with your loved ones, so they have a good understanding of your wishes, but the inclusion in your Will can provide further comfort.

Your superannuation and life insurance sits outside your Will, but it needs to be considered as it is often another significant asset. It helps to consider why you hold these assets (i.e. are they there to pay off large liabilities?) and make sure they pass in a way that aligns with your intentions. We can also provide you with some recommendations to minimise the tax that might otherwise be payable on these types of assets.

Your Will won’t take effect until you pass away, so it is also worthwhile having a think about how you would like your affairs dealt with if you became incapacitated. For example, who do you want making decisions about where you live, who would you want handling your finances, who would step in and look after your children’s interests?

The documents which allow you to appoint people to make these decisions for you are known as Powers of Attorney, you can find out more Powers of Attorney here.

* this list is not exhaustive, as it could go on forever! The best way to ensure you are 100% comfortable with what happens if you pass away or become incapacitated is to run through it all with one of our lawyers.

Find out more about what to consider when making a Will here.

Ready to take the next step?

Get started now with our obligation free, Estate Planning induction.

Ready to take the next step?

Get started now with our obligation free, Estate Planning induction.