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Coulter Legal has a specialist team to assist businesses in the establishment of the appropriate corporate entity to conduct your business.

As your business develops over time, or personal circumstances change, alterations may be required with the governing documents and we can assist with variations required for companies, trusts and self-managed super funds to achieve the desired outcome.

Creating a new business or restructuring one is an important decision which should always be discussed with your financial advisor in addition to your legal advisor. Important tax implications may apply and there is a structure for every situation.

Our corporate services include:

Companies (including incorporation, restructure, reinstatement and deregistration)

A Company structure provides continuity throughout any changes to the Directors or Shareholders, whether it operates a business or is the Trustee of a Trust, the assets, contracts, entitlements and obligations remain with the company.

A company creates a legal entity which is separate from you and therefore removed from your own personal interests and assets.

Once you have decided to use a company structure, we can assist you throughout the establishment of the company and any future changes required, whether it be a share transfer, change in director or deciding to adopt a new constitution.

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Discretionary trusts (including variations, deeds of rectification and confirmation)

Discretionary trusts give the Trustee the discretion to distribute income or capital of the trust to named beneficiaries or a party related to them.

If you determine to establish a Trust we prepare the Trust Deed and associated documentation.  Once the Trust Deed has been executed, we will arrange for it to be stamped with the State Revenue Office, giving the trust full legal effect.

Coulter Legal also manages trusts once they are in place including preparing deeds of variation, rectification and confirmation if required.

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Unit trusts (including variations, deeds of rectification and confirmation)

Unit trusts have fixed distributions based on the units held by each unit holder. For example, if five unit holders held 20 units each out of a total allotment of 100 units, each would receive 20% of the distribution. Unit trusts may be the preferred structure when there are third party beneficiaries and where certainty is required regarding distributions, rather than leaving it solely to the Trustee to determine who receives what.

Our corporate services team can establish a Unit Trust and make any future changes to the trust to ensure it complies with their governing document.  Once the Trust Deed has been signed, we will lodge them to be stamped with the State Revenue Office, giving the trust full legal effect.

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Business names (including registration, renewal and transfers)

Did you know it is an offence to conduct business under an unregistered business name?  The team at Coulter Legal are here to help you with any business name transactions, including registration, renewal and transfer.

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Self-managed superannuation funds (including variations)

Self-managed super funds (SMSF) in certain circumstances can be an excellent way of managing your own assets for retirement, with the Trustee (or its shareholders) usually being a member of the fund.  We are able to assist in the establishment and variation of SMSFs and ensuring that the proper legal steps are taken.

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What is the process and how long does it take?

Once the relevant online form is submitted or instructions are received, our corporate services team is in a position to provide a 24 hour turn-around for the establishment of companies and trusts.

This time line may vary for changes to companies and trusts, however we will provide you with open communication throughout this time to keep you informed of when your documents will be ready.

Can Coulter Legal make changes to a company or trust established by a different provider?

Coulter Legal can make changes to any company, trust or self-managed superannuation fund.  To attend to these variations all we require are your specific instructions and a copy of the relevant trust deed, constitution or SMSF Deed.

How much does it cost?

Establishment of a Company:

– Electronic Register : $750.00 (including GST and ASIC fee of $512.00)

– Physical Register : $850.00 (including GST and ASIC fee of $512.00)

Establishment of Discretionary Trust: $525.00 (including GST and stamp duty of $200.00)

Establishment of a Unit Trust: $525.00 (including GST and stamp duty of $200.00)

Registration of Business Name: $200.00 for a three (3) year registration (including GST and ASIC fee of $88.00)

Establishment of SMSF: $525.00 (including GST and NTAA fee of $143.00)

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