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Land and property is the cornerstone of any farm or agriculture venture. Farmers often need to navigate a breadth of economic and environmental issues and challenges presented to property owners. Professional advice can help you to understand the legalities of land and property ownership and ensure the best outcome for your business.

From Farming and Superannuation Leases, Water Licences, Crown Grazing Licences, Agistment, Native Titles and Aboriginal Cultural Sensitivity, Share Farming Agreements and Subdivisions, the Coulter Legal Agribusiness team provide pragmatic advice to help clients navigate the legal issues surrounding all aspects of property law for Farming and Agriculture.

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To reduce the chance of a dispute arising through misunderstandings, it is beneficial that Agistment agreements are confirmed by way of written contracts signed by all parties. We can assist you in advising or drafting an agistment agreement to protect all parties.

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Crown Grazing Licences

Crown land is a valuable public asset and it is essential that it is managed wisely to maximise social, environmental and economic benefits to the State. The Coulter Legal Agribusiness team have broad experience with advising, negotiating or varying Licenses for Crown land.

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Farming Leases

The special nature and use of farmland mean that a generic commercial lease between parties is often not appropriate. We have extensive experience in negotiating and preparing agricultural leases and can assist you to ensure that you are adequately protected.

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Loan Agreement and Finance

Without access to finance or capital, it can be very difficult to grow a business. We understand the complex needs of intertwined family entities and the concept of cross collateral and take a holistic view when reviewing and preparing documents relating to finance.

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Mortgages and Security

The Coulter Legal Agribusiness Team has extensive experience in dealing with private loan agreements for farming and agricultural purposes. We can assist with preparing Loan Agreements as well as lodging and registering mortgages on certificates of title.

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Native Titles & Aboriginal Cultural Sensitivity

Native Title can have an impact on farmers who operate under Crown Land Licences of Crown Land Leases. Our Agribusiness team has significant experience in advising clients on Native title related issues and can assist farmers with any related enquiries.

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Regulatory Compliance

Whether you are a processor or a farmer, it is important to clearly understand your obligations when it comes to regulatory compliance and seek legal advice where required. The Coulter Legal team can help to ensure you comply with relevant legislation.

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Share Farming Agreements

Share farm arrangements can take on many forms and it important that they are properly documented by way of a formal share farm agreement. Coulter Legal can prepare share farm agreements ensuring that both parties are protected and understand their roles.

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Farmers have the right to change land use but it can be a complex procedure and land needs to be evaluated before it can be deemed suitable for a certain use. We can help you understand the process and support you in drafting the relevant applications.

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Superannuation (SMSF's)

Many of our clients own farming land which is held in the name of their SMSF's and which is leased out to a third party. Coulter Legal can assist you by preparing a document reflecting the agreement appropriate protections to support your objectives.

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Tax Structures

It is important to develop an effective tax structure in agribusiness and farming as the tax consequences can be substantial when transferring assets. Consideration needs to be given to stamp duty, income tax and Capital Gains Tax, to ensure the best tax outcomes.

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Trusts and Agribusiness Trust Structures

Trusts can beneficial for those seeking a form of asset or personal protection or succession planning options. We have extensive experience in advising and assisting clients in the establishment of trusts and purchase and transfers of property into trust structures.

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Water Supply Agreements

The Coulter Legal Agribusiness Team have extensive experience drafting water supply agreements and can assist with Water Shares, Allocations, Take and Use Licences, Annual Use Limits, Delivery Shares, Private Rights and Private Agreements.

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Water Licences

Your responsibilities to the relevant water authority and entitlement are set out in your licence and breaching your licence may result in an offence. We can help you understand your licence if you are unsure of your obligations or are found in breach of your obligations.

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At Coulter Legal we have a long history of supporting Australia’s Agribusiness industry and our legal team is passionate about delivering results for our clients. Protect and grow your business with expert farming and agriculture legal advice from the Coulter Legal Agribusiness team.

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