Often once lawyers are engaged in a family law matter, resolving parenting matters and the division of the property of your relationship amicably may seems difficult. However, alternative dispute resolution and mediation may assist the parties to reach agreement and avoid costly and lengthy litigation.

Options include family dispute resolution, mediation including conferences between both parties and their lawyers with or without the presence of a mediator.

Our family law team provides readily accessible avenues for alternative dispute resolution, while continuing to provide expert advice to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

In parenting matters, parties are now required to participate in Family Dispute Resolution prior to applying to a Court for a decision regarding their children – except in cases where violence or urgency exists.

Choosing the alternative path can be daunting, and receiving the right advice is critical. We are able to assist you understand your options, your entitlements, and the best course of action based on your individual circumstances.

We offer a no cost 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your situation with an experienced family lawyer. The initial consultation provides an opportunity to gain an informed understanding of your matter and the necessary steps to achieve a resolution.

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