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I have been working with Alicia since 2012. She has assisted with quite a number of contractual-type projects, the most major one being the setting up of our franchise system. Understanding the law to its fullest is definitely not one of the easiest tasks on the planet but Alicia takes the time to explain as required. Working alongside Alicia on legal matters is, I would say, like working together with a colleague; you can freely discuss the goals and work out the paths to take, ensuring the end results align both operationally and legally. Alicia has been a wealth of information, is meticulous, conscientious, responsive and diligent. Alongside that she is extremely patient, personable and understanding, willing to answer the myriad of questions that are bestowed upon her on a fairly regular basis. Subsequently this has allowed me to learn so much about the law and, with her guidance, to get all components of my business into place, with each t crossed and each i dotted. I would absolutely recommend Alicia as your team member for your commercial requirements.

Cathy, H & H Canteens