Family & Relationship Law 26 May 2021

Specialist Family Violence Court for Geelong

As part of the State Budget set for 2021/2022, it was announced that funding would be provided to Geelong for the construction and implementation of a Specialist Family Violence Court.

This funding was a direct result of the recommendations made to Victoria from the 2015 Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The Specialist Family Violence Court will operate to improve the Court’s response to family violence. Including as follows:

  • those working within the Court are provided with specific and ongoing training with respect to family violence;
  • the pre-court engagement process has been improved to ensure that parties are referred to the required support services;
  • victims and perpetrators utilise separate Court entrances and waiting rooms; and
  • a risk assessment regime has been implemented to prioritise the safety of victims and families.

Since the recommendations were provided, Specialist Family Violence Courts have been constructed and implemented in Shepparton, Ballarat, Moorabbin and Frankston.

Whilst there is currently no set date as to when the Specialist Family Violence Court is due to commence operation in Geelong, the funding allocated is certainly a progressive step towards attempting to reduce the rate of family violence in Geelong, and assist those in need of collaborative, responsive and ongoing support and assistance.

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Jade Hovey.
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