Agribusiness 01 March 2021

A quick guide to future-proofing your agribusiness

If you are in the business of farming, you expect the unexpected. Life on the land can be unpredictable and while your farm faces immediate challenges, you also know that you need to consider what is in store for your business over the next few decades. The measures that you put in place now will determine how your business endures for the next generation and hopefully, generations to come.

Here is a quick overview of Coulter Legal’s specialised agribusiness legal services. For more information, simply click through to the service you require.

Ensuring future success with the right structure, planning and protection

Agribusinesses can be complex in nature with seemingly endless variables affecting their outcomes. By getting expert commercial and business advice, you can rest assured that you are putting strong systems in place for long term success and security.

Planning and protection services you may want seek can include:

Protecting your biggest asset – your land

As land and property is the cornerstone of any farm or agriculture venture, farmers often need to navigate a breadth of economic and environmental issues. Professional land and property advice can help you to understand the legalities of land and property ownership, and take the confusion out of the legal aspects surrounding property ownership and leasing.

These are the areas where you will most likely need legal assistance when it comes to land assets and agreements:

Preparing your farm for the next generation

Planning for the future of your farm can be an emotional task which can lead to stressful conversations and family disputes. There are often varying needs for the retiring generation and the newer family members taking over the farm. The legal and tax implications of transferring large and complicated assets can be elaborate and without professional advice, many succession plans fall apart.

Here are the legal avenues to explore to make sure your farm falls into the right hands:

Keeping the farm safe for you and your employees

Managing employees and complying with legislation can be overwhelming for any farming business. Employee relations covers more than the seemingly straightforward process of recruitment, engagement, and termination. As you know, matters can arise both during and after the employment relationship.

To ensure you and your employees meet your obligations, legal assistance is often essential when it comes to navigating the following areas:

Need legal help?

Coulter Legal is a national practice, with a regional heart.

Agriculture has long been the lifeblood of our region and nation. We offer a deep understanding of the business practices, unique challenges, regulatory requirements and support needed by farmers. Working with clients across regional Victoria and South Australia, the Coulter Legal Agribusiness team leverages the expertise and resources of a large firm with the local knowledge, accessibility and superior service of a regional practice.

With offices across Victoria and in South Australia, we look forward to helping you with all and any legal needs for your agribusiness.

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