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Coulter Legal conveyancing team is backed by the expertise of a law firm that has supported Geelong and the broader community for more than 80 years.

Our team of conveyancers provide practical, valuable and concise legal services throughout the process of buying and selling residential property across Victoria and South Australia.

Seamless Settlement

At Coulter Legal, all of our conveyancing team are PEXA certified e-Conveyancing experts who embrace innovation. This way you can be confident that your electronic settlement experience will a straightforward and positive one.

Legal Support

Every property transaction is different depending on the property and your circumstances. If things get complicated, a conveyancer must send you to a lawyer. As a law firm, Coulter Legal can easily provide the legal advice you require. We will always explain the issues and how we can help you before proceeding.

Financial Protection

Coulter Legal operate a fully audited trust account for the protection of your money. Our knowledge and expertise will highlight any further advice you may need around tax obligations, stamp duty implication, trusts and self-managed superfunds so you can be assured you are getting the right advice

Comparable Cost

Our conveyancing fees are competitive, and give you the benefit of expert legal guidance during the standard conveyancing process at no extra cost.

Estate Planning

If you are buying or selling real estate, you should update your Will to reflect your change in assets. By using Coulter Legal for your conveyancing needs, you have easy access to our team of Wills and Estate planning experts to assist you in updating your Will or Estate Plan.

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Transfer your property with fixed fee certainty

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