Superannuation and Trusts

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Transactions involving Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Trusts

Superannuation and Trusts are often seen as complex areas of law for individuals and businesses alike.

Our team can ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations whilst getting the most out of your entities.

We cater for all business sizes, ranging from major business ventures or smaller family or personal trusts.

We can assist trustees to:-

  • Purchases of property in trust structure and superannuation funds SMSF – provide asset protection and benefit multiple generations of a family (family trust) or provide for your retirement;
  • Things to think about – tax implications, ownership, protection of assets, liability;
  • Special rules and requirements for use of residential and commercial properties purchased by superannuation funds.

Our team has experience in:

  • Advising on taxation implications
  • Advising on superannuation fund legislative requirements
  • Purchasing or transfers of properties in trust structures
  • Divestment of property
  • Vesting of trust property in beneficiaries

All advice provided in relation to superannuation and trusts is supported by collaborating with your financial adviser or accountant to facilitate cost effective advice and to protect their interests.

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