Selling a property

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Our Geelong Conveyancers have extensive experience in assisting you with selling a residential property.

We will guide and assist you through the transaction process with practical, valuable and concise legal advice.

When you decide to sell your property it is best to contact us as soon as possible, we need to gather advice from the relevant statutory authorities to prepare your accurate Vendor’s Statement. Any error or omission in the Vendor’s Statement may enable the purchaser to terminate the Contract of Sale at any time.

You should provide us with

  • A copy of your rates notice and water authority notice
  • Any land tax assessment notices
  • Any owners corporation insurance policies or notices
  • Any building permits, final inspection or certificate of occupancy or builders warranty insurance
  • Your contract of sale from when you purchased the property
  • Any lease that may affect the property
  • Any orders or notices from a government authority in relation to any works or levies on the property
  • The original Certificate of Title if you do not have a mortgage on the property
  • Details of the selling agent you have appointed

Preparing your Vendor’s Statement:

  • We obtain current certificates from all relevant municipalities and authorities. It’s important to note that obtaining this information can take up to ten business days, so the more notice you give us about your intentions to sell, the better prepared we are to meet your needs
  • We draft the document for you to review
  • We provide electronic copies to your agent
  • For auctions we provide three printed and bound copies

To ensure that you receive our best service we provide (and recommend that you insist that your estate agent uses) our Contract of Sale. This Contract of Sale is more comprehensive and provides to you more rights than the industry standard – this is provided at no cost to you, because protecting you is important to us.

Congratulations, you’ve sold your property – here’s what you need to do

  • Satisfy your mortgagee’s discharge requirements
  • Arrange to have utilities disconnected on the day of settlement
  • Deliver the property as ‘vacant possession’ – make sure all your belongings have been removed from the property
  • Deliver all sets of keys to the estate agent’s office
  • Cancel your insurance policies once settlement has occurred
  • Update your Will to reflect your new property holding, get started now 

And here’s what we do:

  • Liaise with all necessary parties such as your selling agent, solicitors, conveyancers and financiers
  • Review transfer and nomination documentation
  • Coordinate your mortgagor to meet the settlement date
  • Review and confirm with you any outgoings for the property to be paid at settlement from the statement of adjustments
  • Prepare, co-ordinate and attend settlement on your behalf
  • Prepare correspondence to relevant municipalities to advise of the transfer

Transfer your property with fixed fee certainty.

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