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No one knows what the future holds, but you can be certain about what you leave behind.

No matter your age, if you have assets, it’s important you have a legally binding Will. This will ensure your assets are inherited by the people you choose and that the handling of your estate follows your wishes.

At Coulter Legal, we can help you with a range of Wills & Estate Planning services to ensure the future of your estate is in safe hands.

  • Our process is simple.
  • Our costs are transparent.
  • Our level of service is impeccable.
  • The outcome for you is peace of mind.

What is the process?

  1. Use our secure online induction in your own time to provide us with information to assess your needs.

  2. Meet with a lawyer to work through the outcome you are seeking, your unique circumstances and how we can assist you.

  3. We will send you our pricing proposal, with three options for you to choose from.

  4. Let us know which option you choose and we will send you our Cost Agreement and payment details.

  5. We will prepare your documents and provide them to you for review.

  6. If you choose an option to amend or discuss your documents, we will collaborate accordingly.

  7. Sign your documentation by attending our office, an online meeting or, alternatively, we will post your documents to you with instructions to sign.

  8. Your estate planning is complete!

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We provide Price Certainty

We provide our clients with price certainty, which means the price you choose is exactly what you will pay – nothing more.

Our process ensures we properly understand the outcomes you are seeking to achieve, what is really important to you, how much engagement you would like and what you wish to include or exclude as part of the process.  This occurs before we provide our pricing proposal to you, so you choose your price and won’t ever receive a bill from us that you haven’t pre-authorised – this means no nasty bill shock!

Our pricing options will be presented as:

  • Base;
  • Standard; and
  • Comprehensive

If you receive our pricing proposal and wish to proceed, you simply choose the option that suits you and we will take it from there.  If you do not wish to proceed during this initial phase, that is absolutely fine and there is no cost to you.  Either way, we won’t start work before you choose your price and are comfortable proceeding.

Of course, we understand you might like to have an idea of our price before getting started, so the below is a very broad guide.

For individuals

$385.00 – $1,595.00

Will only

$660.00 – $2,805.00

Estate Planning bundle

For couples

$770.00 – $4,510.00

Wills only

$1,100.00 – $5,610.00

Estate Planning bundles

*All pricing is inclusive of GST

Regardless of the option you choose, our level of service will remain the same, the only thing that will change is the level of engagement you have with us, and what you decide to include or exclude.

We understand our approach is not for everyone, but if you want absolute price certainty and a wonderful experience getting your estate planning sorted. If you have any queries about our process, contact us using the form below or call us on (03) 5273 5273.

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What should I turn my mind to when thinking about my Will?


Who will be your Executor/s?

The Executor of your Will is responsible for administering your estate and following your Will. You can appoint up to four Executors at any one time, and can also include substitutes, in case an Executor is incapable of acting. It helps to appoint people you trust who have a good understanding of your affairs and your values.


Who will receive your Estate?

Your “estate” is basically your assets, less any liabilities you leave. While you are legally obliged to provide for particular persons in your life (i.e. your spouse and children), you can distribute your estate as you see fit. If we foresee any risks with your wishes, we will let you know. It is also worthwhile giving consideration to where your “bits and pieces” will go and whether you want any charities or causes to receive anything from your estate.


How will your beneficiaries receive their share?

Once you have decided who you wish to benefit, you should also think about how you want your estate to pass. For example, if beneficiaries are quite young, who looks after their share during that time? Do you want to ensure your children’s share is protected if they become exposed to asset risk? If leaving a share to a charity, do you want to direct how the charity uses the funds? We can walk your through your options if you want to include a little more structure around how your beneficiaries receive their share.


Who will look after your young children?

You can provide direction about the guardianship of your young children in your Will, including who you would prefer looks after them and your wishes more generally (i.e. what school they attend). If you have a number of wishes in this regard, you might like to collate them in a document that sits alongside your Will, which you can update more regularly.


What will happen to your body?

Your Will can also help your loved ones when it comes time to make decisions about your funeral and how your body is dealt with after your death, including whether your organs are to be donated and your preferences to be buried or cremated. It always helps to discuss these matters with your loved ones, so they have a good understanding of your wishes, but the inclusion in your Will can provide further comfort.


What about your superannuation and life insurance?

Your superannuation and life insurance sits outside your Will, but it needs to be considered as it is often another significant asset. It helps to consider why you hold these assets (i.e. are they there to pay off large liabilities?) and make sure they pass in a way that aligns with your intentions. We can also provide you with some recommendations to minimise the tax that might otherwise be payable on these types of assets.


What would happen if you were incapacitated (given your Will only takes effect upon your death)?

Your Will won’t take effect until you pass away, so it is also worthwhile having a think about how you would like your affairs dealt with if you became incapacitated. For example, who do you want making decisions about where you live, who would you want handling your finances, who would step in and look after your children’s interests?

The documents which allow you to appoint people to make these decisions for you are known as Powers of Attorney, you can find out more Powers of Attorney here.

* this list is not exhaustive, as it could go on forever! The best way to ensure you are 100% comfortable with what happens if you pass away or become incapacitated is to run through it all with one of our lawyers.

Find out more about what to consider when making a Will here.

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