Employment contracts

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A well drafted employment contract is essential for protecting your business interests.

Poorly drafted or ambiguous contracts can result in an employee making claims for conditions that were not part of the bargaining process.

Our expert workplace team liaises with you to understand your business, combined with legislative requirements, to prepare employment contracts tailored to your needs. Whether you are a small start-up business, or a national enterprise, our team of lawyers can support you in crafting employment terms that engender satisfied and motivated employees.

Coulter Legal is experienced in drafting employment agreements for casual, part-time and full time employees through to senior executives.  We ensure that at all times you comply with the appropriate Award, which safeguards your business from unwarranted claims for entitlements and compensation.

We can prepare robust confidentiality and restraint clauses to protect your business interests if an employee does move on, and are experienced in litigating for breaches of employment contracts.

We can prepare:

  • employment contracts
  • policies and procedures
  • restraint of trade clauses
  • individual flexibility agreements
  • enterprise agreements

We offer policy packages including the following policies:

  • Alcohol and other drugs policy
  • Abandonment of employment policy
  • Annual leave policy
  • Attendance and Absenteeism
  • Code of conduct
  • Confidentiality
  • Discipline and termination of employment policy
  • Employee assistance program policy
  • Education assistance policy
  • Equal opportunity for women in the workplace policy
  • Equal opportunity
  • Exit interview policy
  • Fire and emergency evacuation policy
  • Grievance policy
  • Induction policy
  • Information technology policy
  • Jury service policy
  • Leave without pay policy
  • Medical information & health assessment policy
  • Motor vehicle policy
  • Occupational health and safety policy
  • Parental leave policy
  • Performance appraisal policy
  • Personal leave policy
  • Position description policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Probationary policy
  • Recruitment and selection policy
  • Recruitment of former employees policy
  • References policy
  • Resignation of employee policy
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Telephone calls policy
  • Training and development policy
  • Travel and expense reimbursement policy
  • Unauthorised removal of company property policy
  • Uniforms policy
  • Workers Compensation claims management policy
  • Workers Compensation rehabilitation policy
  • Workers Compensation work injury policy
  • Workplace harassment policy

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