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Employees are one of the greatest assets of a business.

Treating employees objectively, encouraging their development and rewarding them for their loyalty are all imperative factors that help you retain the people who support your business’s success.

If your employees are questioning their entitlements and benefits, we can review your procedures to ensure that you are meeting your requirements pursuant to any Awards, Enterprise Agreements or employment contracts that govern your employees.

Workplace investigations are crucial to managing conflict and risk in your business.  We are experienced in workplace investigations relating to employee performance, bullying, harassment and conduct.

Significant risks are associated with underperforming employees. You rely on their productivity and attention to detail to make your business the success it is. An underperforming employee may be hampering your business’s reputation within the industry, may be damaging the morale of other staff, and needs to be addressed. A business with poor performing and unmotivated employees can also lead to high staff turnover rates.

We can advise you on the best procedures for addressing poor performance (including issues related to bullying, harassment and conduct), best practices for informing employees of their discrepancies, developing structures to rectify problems, and ultimately crafting provisions for termination should their performance not improve.

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