Workplace investigations

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From time to time an employee might engage in behaviour that is so serious that it warrants conducting an investigation.

This could be in relation to:

  • Workplace bullying
  • Employee misconduct
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Theft of confidential information

In 2014 the Fair Work Act 2009 was amended to introduce anti-bullying provisions, this added an additional requirement for employers to properly investigate any allegations of workplace bullying.

Workplace investigations can be conducted internally or externally using an independent investigator.  Coulter Legal can help you determine the best type of investigation, dependant on the subject matter and the size of your organisation.  We frequently conduct workplace investigations ourselves or utilising independent investigators protected by Legal Professional Privilege.

Coulter Legal can help with setting the scope for an investigation, ensuring that confidentiality requirements are complied with and provide advice on how best to implement recommendations.

By ensuring that an investigation is conducted appropriately and that procedural fairness in afforded to all participants Coulter Legal can reduce the risks to your business from legal challenges such as unfair dismissal or general protections claims.

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